Tabitha Day 3rd Edition

The 3rd edition of Tabitha Day, organized by Rajedes Burundi in collaboration with the International Pentecostal Church of Kanyosha, bore witness to a generous contribution towards families affected by a devastating incident triggered by the collapse of Mount Gabaniro in the Gitaza zone, Muhuta commune, Rumonge Province. 

This remarkable endeavor unfolded on May 17, 2024. Each family received a substantial aid package comprising 20,000 BIF, 5 pair of slippers, footwear, trousers, 2 undergarments, soap, 10.2 kilograms of salt, 1 kilogram of cassava flour, beans, and a variety of other essential supplies.

Furthermore, diligent efforts were made to ensure that the donations catered to the specific needs of each family, thereby maximizing the impact of the assistance provided. 

Rajedes Burundi and the Pentecostal Church extend their heartfelt appreciation to all those who exhibited great courage in contributing and played a key role in the successful realization of Tabitha Day. It is through the collective efforts and unwavering support of individuals like these that communities can recover from adversity and find hope for a brighter future. The selflessness and compassion demonstrated by the contributors serve as an inspiration to us all, highlighting the power of unity and empathy in times of crisis.

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